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TY175: Brochure

Here's a scan of a TY175 single sheet (double sided) brochure / leaflet. Undated.

Champion In The Power Game

Every element that provides fun and pleasure in motorcycle sport has been refined into the TYl75. All Yamaha’s exclusive skills have gone into producing this lightweight that packs a championship punch whenever its front wheel crosses the "Section Begins" card. Club riders and those of international calibre, have found that the TYl75 with its lightweight low-down torque and instant take-off from the bottom of the speed range, provides a trials motorcycle capable of being used on every type of going from the tight, artificial sections of forest land to the natural, rock climbs of mountain country. This is the machine to provide the ultimate satisfaction for the rider when looking back at the section having
recorded a perfect "clean".

A total design commitment to trials riding has given the tough 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine the ability to allow the rider to rely implicitly on its low-speed power and its instant response to his demands in the tightest of sections.
Yamaha's exclusive Autolube lubrication system provides the precise amount of oil needed by all working parts of the engine, enabling maximum use to be made from the charge of fresh petrol being drawn-in for every firing stroke.
Reed valve Torque Induction aids the engine`s instant response characteristics. Throughout the engine, quality lightweight materials have been utilized to the full to ensure the best possible power-to-weight ratio.

Matching the power output of this lightweight trials machine perfectly is the TYl75 6-speed, wide ratio gear box. Every gear has been specifically selected for the use to which it will be put, either in competition on the sections themselves, or maintaining tight schedules on road or trail between the sections.

Frame and Forks
The trials market demands the toughest frame with the lightest possible weight. Yamaha have incorporated a double-cradle frame of high tensile steel in the TYl75. The engine is tidily mounted at the best possible point to achieve optimum balance. The front forks are guaranteed as the best in the l75 cm3 trials world. They have exceptionally long (160-mm) travel, and considerable thought has been given to making them strong enough to resist the inevitable harsh treatment which they will receive, while helping to provide the rider with one of the leading trials machines in the world.

Rear Shock Absorbers
Superbly responsive hydraulic rear shock absorbers have been tuned for trials work. Readily adjustable to 5 different settings, the shock absorbers are more than adequate for every known aspect of trials-going.

Trials riding tackles dust, water, mud and grit, but Yamaha engineers have developed the special labyrinth seal, double-ridge brake plates which prevent any foreign matter from entering the brake drum. Smooth and positive control of braking is thus guaranteed throughout the competition life of the machine.

Special Features
Yamaha`s trials machines have many special features developed by the world`s top riders and adapted on the competition machine production lines in Japan.
Check out the well protected street legal speedometer behind the left-hand fork leg. The entire ignition system has been designed to guarantee a large efficient spark at ultra-low speeds and the crankshaft mounted magneto aids the overall flywheel effect.
A rear chain tensioner automatically absorbs any slack in the chain and so prolongs chain-life as well as aiding positive rider-control at all the infinitely variable speeds which are called for from every
trials machine.
The whole underside of the frame and engine are protected by a rugged light-aluminium "bash plate".  The moulded aluminium plate absorbs all shock contact and on really difficult terrain. prevents the
machine from sinking into deep mud.
A silencing system designed to protect the environment and to maintain perfect peace during countryside use is a natural Yamaha feature. because, as far as trials are concerned, "less sound means more ground".

Type                              2-stroke. Torque lnduction. Single
Displacement                 171 cm3
Bore & Stroke                66 x 50 mm
Compression ratio          5.8 : 1
Lubrication system         Autolube
Starting system             Primary kick starter
Primary transmission     Gear
Final transmission         Chain
Gearbox                       6-speed
Carburettor                   VM22SS
Clutch                          Multi-plate, wet
Battery                         6 V, 4 AH
Ignition type                  Magneto. CB/CoiI

Overall length                1.955 mm
Overall width                 835 mm
Overall height                1,100mm
Seat height                   750 mm
Wheelbase                   1,265 mm
Weight (net)                  81 kg
Fuel tank capacity         4.5 lit.
Oil tank capacity           0.3 lit.
Tires     Front                2.75-21 - 4PR
            Rear                 4.00-18 - 4PR
Brakes Front                 Drum
            Rear                 Drum

°Specifications subject to change without notice.

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