Sunday, 18 December 2011

NVT Poster Brochure

Here's a scan of both sides of an A2 (A4 folded twice) size fold out brochure for the NVT range in late '70's.

Ramblers —something a little different on the street/trail scene. Take another look at the Rambler picture and maybe you will see what we mean. You have probably already noticed the front disc brake but what about the cantilever rear suspension ? Or the rubber headlight? And who else supplies a chrome luggage grid within the basic price of the bike?

NVT took along hard look at the street/trail market before we embarked on our Rambler project. It is a young man’s market - these single cylinder dual purpose devices - but the buyers know their machines through and through ; all in all they’re a pretty discerning bunch. Not all of them ride on the rough but they like to know the bike will do it, if required. They demand looks and performance for town riding plus the specification of a twin cylinder sports machine for that trip into the country. So our brief was to provide all the obvious qualities that the British Companies do best. Things like a frame that, from the very first weld, is designed to handle with a capital ’H'!

Lighter too, and more rigid than the opposition. Next came the general geometry. We chose a compact 52.5" wheelbase, dialled in plenty of suspension movement, and arranged everything else to give a riding position that felt right, for everyone - at least, all those in the 5’ 4" to 5' 10" mould! Oh yes, some of our test riding was done with a slip of a girl on the back, so no worries there...

NVT's policy on outside suppliers is to go to the industry leader in each speciality. For the Rambler we therefore chose engines from the world's most successful manufacturer of off-road motorcycles. We simply fit these engines and forget about them, secure in the knowledge that they are the most proven
product available.

The same policy applies to our forks and brakes. Famous makers both, producing their well-known components especially for us, to our dimensions.

Finally, as you can see, the Rambler is a very appealing marriage of all the best parts one could possibly imagine. A handsome, rugged bike indeed. But don't just take our word for it. Check one out at your NVT Dealer today.

Here's a close up of the naked frame shown on this brochure:

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