Sunday, 17 March 2013

1979 NVT Rambler 175

eBay 'Buy it Now' for £849.00. Sold? in Jan 2013.

 Seller description:  
"1979 Norton Villiers Triumph 175 Rambler. Chassis Number 42. 
This bike was bought by me 2 years back. I spent some time recommissioning it (having been long term laid up) and got it to the stage of rideable/reliable. It was/is ready for an MOT

Numerous MOT's confirm the mileage is accurate (10,000), and the bike needs little other than mild fettling - not having been started since mid summer. It had a new battery then, and several other components. The front mudguard needs readjusting -the weight of my bike cover (it is dry stored) has bent it down slightly.
Its a nice, honest bike. Extremely rare- I haven't been able to find much about it - although i did buy a BSA book(let) which helps a little. Its part of the package."

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