Friday, 28 December 2012

Yamaha Circuit Magazine: FS1 & FS1DX

Text from Yamaha Circuit Magazine, from 1977, Issue 4, detailing the 1978 Yamaha range:

The smallest of the Yamaha lightweights, the 50cc FS1 and FS1DX combine all the attributes of a big machine in a bright little package that serves as an ideal introduction to motorcycling.
These little sportsters, despite their small size and power output, reflect a lot of the thinking that has taken Yamaha to the top in the racing world.
A rigid pressed steel chassis makes them among the very best-handling machines in the ultra-lightweight class while the 49cc engine zips the bike along at a more than respectable speed.
There is a great accent on safety with the FS1. Waterproof drum brakes on the FS1 and a 203mm hydraulically-operated front disc brake on the FS1DX plus front forks that would do justice to a bike of much larger dimensions. They ell combine to make a machine that, despite its size, gives that real motorcycle feeling.
The sporty image is enhanced by such styling extras as the “speed block " paintwork, the rubber boots on the front forks and the chromed external springs with lively performance and a host of safety features to leave the rider in no doubt that, despite the size, the FS1 still reflects Yamaha’s racing background. 

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