Saturday, 22 December 2012

eBay: NVT Rambler 175

Sold on eBay, Dec 2012, for £510.00

 Ad states:

"Registered Feb 1979.

I've had this in the corner of my store under a sheet now for nearly 20 years. It's never not started. Probably the most reliable bike I've ever had, yet I've only ever ridden it across the fields a few times! Pulls like a train, very comfortable for a bike from the 70's.

Bike is complete all bar the speedo cable and front brake assembly (pictured) which was removed to have the cylinder re-sealed but subsequently had the parts go missing in transit (irritating, to say the least). So it sat ever since, being treated to the occasional kick-over and spray with wd40. Front brake is a hydraulic disc setup, rear brake is a basic drum.

Engine is identical to the lump in the Yamaha DT175 and is stamped 'Made in Japan' as Norton Villiers Triumph in a desperate effort to stay afloat in a competitive market ordered all parts from abroad and were assembled in the UK. From what I can gather most parts are Japanese, all bar the suspension which was Italian. As far as I'm aware this was one of the first mono-shock suspension setups on the market.

Strangely enough there is no model or type listed on the reg docs, only the engine size and manufacturer, date registered, etc. So it's registered as a Norton Villiers Triumph 171cc, but suspect it could be a Rambler...? All I know is that its the only one I've ever seen."

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