Monday, 9 April 2012

TY175: Levers and Throttle - Update

Following on from the previous post on levers and throttle, I've finally got a replacement perch for the damaged one (Thanks Tom).

So, I now have a complete set of controls.....

.... except I don't. I'd been think about how or what was used originally for the horn and kill switch. I believe the switch above is TY175, but have realised that the TY250 has the same switch, but incorporating a horn button. So, I have this to refurbish and use instead:

As for the engine kill button - it seems I'll also need a TY250 part. Found (but not bought) this throttle with kill switch on eBay ($200 !):

It looks a neater solution than the seperate 'afterthought' kill switch. Mine shown below

And a different TY250 option below.

I'll see what comes my way first.

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