Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NVT125 Rambler on Ebay

Listed with 6 days to go at £280 so far, is this part restored 1978 NVT Rambler 125.*** UPDATE *** Sold for £505.
The seller states:

"NVT 125 for spares, repairs or restoration. I bought this 12 year ago in bits and it was stood for 13 years before I got it. So thats 25 years its been stood for. I bought it when i was 16 intending to put it on the road when i was 17, but half way through the restoration i bought a tzr and it never got finished. 

A few month ago i decided to put the rest back together and make some room in my garage. I rebuilt the engine even though it didn't need doing. I though I`d be keeping it for a while so did it thinking it would last the next 10yr without any problems. It's got a rebuilt crank, rebore and piston kit, a new stator and magneto, a brand new tank, and a new throttle cable

There is only 3700 mile on the clock, I don't know if this is correct. There is still the original airbox and 2 stroke bottle, the oil pump needs setting up correctly though. I've only ridden this a couple of times since the engine rebuild so will neded running in. The engine was rebuilt around 11 years ago, there is still a small rattle but this has been there since rebuild. The front brake doesn't work and needs attention. The left fork leg is also quite badly rusty. 

There is a small oil leak from the gear change shaft and is a little play in the shaft but it still engages gears ok. It needs new cables apart from the throttle. The silver panels don't match the tank. I think it's still on the original tyres but these need changing because there cracked from being stood. The chrome has come off the wheels in places so the rims have been painted silver (quite badly) so would advise new rims. 

This bike is probably worth more in bits but i dont like breaking classics. I have a dateing certificate for 1978 so a MOT and a trip to DVLA they would give you a age related plate, cash on collection only, bike is in Preston, Lancashire."

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