Friday, 2 December 2011

NVT125 / NVT175 Press Cutting

Here's a letter written to a 1970's motorcycle magazine. Check out what £2,000 to £3,000 got you in those days....

"I NEVER cease to be amazed at what is considered "good value" in motor cycling. The latest offering of the toy like NVT Yam trail bike (above), at a mere £625, inspired me to tot up the "good value" of my 14 years riding. In this time I have owned a humble Ariel Colt, two Velocette Venoms, two MACS, a Valiant, a Thruxton and a Mk 8 KTT, Rudge Special, Vincent Comet, Triton, OCC V4 Silver Hawk, 125 Suzuki and two MZS.
None were new, most were good and the total outlay over the years has been just £2,060. However, I have got back £2,500 on them, leaving me with a very nice 250 MZ paid for by the last Venom." 
Mr H, Dumfrieshire.

Taken from a bundle of press cuttings bought on eBay for a couple of pounds.

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