Monday, 21 November 2011

TY175: Swith Gear

Stripped down the switch gear, cleaned and polished each part. I need to make a new 'post' for the broken one. I seem to remember reading an article about making a new one by forming a mold of a good one, and using some pourable plastic resin material to produce a new post. I'll have to look it up.

I also need some new grey wiring loom tubing for the cables. Anyone reccomend a good place to get it? I've temporarily reassembled the switch to stop me losing any small bits, and so I don't forget how it goes together!

what I statred with

not too grubby inside

completely stripped down.

polished and component parts

the right hand clear plastic part is the one that need a new 'post'

polished and back in one piece - temporarily anyway.

Can anyone upload a link to the post that showed someone making a swith 'post' please? I think it involved a plastercine mold of some sort.

Also, what red & black paint does anyone suggest for painting the letters & red square back in please? A small pot of Humbrol or similar??

Finally, where do you reccomend I get the cable sheath from, and is heat shrink preferred? 

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