Sunday, 6 November 2011

TY175: Initial Check Over

Here's a few close ups of initial problems found. The tyres are perished, there's no electrics, the autolube has been removed, etc.
Wrong front mudguard, bent mounts. Speedo drive entry broken on the magnesium brake plate, and the plate has a lot of corrosion. On the plus side, it has alloy DID rims, front and rear, and the fork tubes aren't bent or pitted. Fork seals gone, oil weeping down tubes. Fork lowers are very scratched, with some deep gouges. No speedo.

The side case has a gouge taken out of it from the bent after market gear lever. There's a crack in the metal plate on the frame, below where the (missing) autolube tank should be. Footrest hangers out of shape. The bash plate is, er, bashed and will need a lot of work to smarten up.
The bike has seen some trials action - as well as the crack in the frame plate above, there's a big ding that has bent this down tube. Exhaust isn't too bad though! Motor did sound good when I got it.
The chain guard has been hacked and shortened. And, as the rear tyre is a 4.00 profile instead of a 3.50, the tyre has all but worn through the guard. The chain tensioner arm is bent, and has a bodged wear block. Incorrect Hagon shocks, one is bent, and bother are past their sell by dates. The rear mudguard is scrap.
Renthal bars, Sammy Miller tank / seat unit, wrong levers, etc, all to be replaced with original parts.
The tool box door is missing
The rear mudguard is shot. the tail pipe has a bend in the pipe that joins it to middle box. The side stand bracket on the swing arm is so worn, that the stand hits the frame.
And, finally for now, probably the strangest fault - the web on the hub has been chipped away, all the way round. I can only assume they tried to fit a different brake plate at some stage. Odd this one. Anyone want to enlighten me why this may have happened?

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