Sunday, 6 November 2011

NVT125: Initial Check Over

Once I got the bike home, I loosely reassembled the bits the previous owner had removed, and took a good look over. It's generally in good restoreable condition. The only missing parts are the rear chrome rack, and the indicators. The indicators are Yamaha, so, should be relatively easy to find. Not sure about the rack though! I'll just have to wait.
The bike is an assortment of British, Italian, Japanese and American parts. It's surprising the ailing NVT bought it all together at all!
But, in my opinion, it's quite a good looking bike. It preceded the DT175 mono by some years, and was the first trail bike with a front disc brake. NVT (or BSA by that time), reverted back to drum brake on the later models. More on the contemporary history of NVT / BSA another day.
Back in one piece!
Tank is quite rusty on the outside, but I think it's salvageable. The engine is from a Yamaha AT2 (No AT2-1047x). The seat cover is original, but needs recovering. The RH side panel is perfect.
The exhaust is in suprisingly good condition, and should clean up OK. There is a rear mudguard mount broken on the frame, should be easy to fix. I'm not sure the rear light is standard. Both rims are rusty, so will need chrome plating.
This side of the seat cover has had a long thin patch professionally fitted in. At first glance, it looks standard, but in comparison to the other side, it's obviously a patch. The pet cock is seized solid. The inside of the tank is not too bad.
The Grimeca front brake, and the whole fork assembly is, I believe, from a Moto Morini 3.5. The caliper is seized, but should be salvageable. I'm assuming pads, and seals, etc, should be available from MM suppliers.

Apart from the master cylinder, I believe the rest is standard AT2 Yamaha, including the bars. So, the electrics should be reliable, unlike Italian wiring.
The petrol cap is Italian, and identical in design to my old Malagutti moped!
The American bit. I think, but may be wrong, that this "MX Preston Petty" is standard fitment? Or, it may be an 80's after market fitment, as many NVT's had a low tyre hugging front mudguard mounted on fork lugs, rather than under the headstock as this is. But, I think it suits the bike, so will probably keep it, or look for NOS / replica replacement.

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