Sunday, 20 November 2011

eBay: BSA Tracker 175/6

See eBay Ad - Due to finish on Saturday

Update - this bike sold to Oggsy (see his reply in comments below) for £364.00.

The Ad Says:
"1st Registered 21/02/1981. 3 Previous Owners.
BSA tracker 1981 it needs restoring genuine barn find its complete.
I have the V5.I have had the engine started and running. It selects gears easily.
It is a easy restore for somebody over the winter months.
The engine was made under licence to BSA by yamaha,using their 175 2-stroke engine.
I have had this bike sometime in my workshop but have not got round to restoring it."

There are some key parts missing, which will make this one difficult to restore to original, ie, the airbox appears to be missing, and there looks like a replacement rear mudguard. Otherwise, it doesn't look too bad. 

Price so far is £103, with 3 bids.



  1. Hi, just been lucky enough to buy this bike. It was a 400 mile round trip but think it was worth it,lets hope so. It has the plastic side casing missing so am on the lookout, i may have to reproduce a mirror copy of existing one ! Looks like it should be quite straightforward. Am hoping to keep it stock as possible with chromed rims, stove enammelled frame and rechrome bits. Seat will need a re-cover and engine stripped and repaint as original. Reasons i bought this bike is one; it is the nearest i can get to my first bike a brigand in 1981 on my 16th birthday which i had some good times on, two; i have always fancied doing a bike up as my elder brother did when i was 12, he built a bonneville but we didnt see our dining room for three years. I am now 47 and am busier than ever, but look forward to relaxing and scraping my knuckles. If you would kindly permit me, i would love to share my experience with you all and provide plenty of photos during the build.Toodle pip, Oggsy

  2. Thanks for the info Oggsy. You're welcome to tag along here. Please, send any significant milestone photos, and I'll do my best to publish them. Regards Simon